Chilco X3  $5400 CAD/$4320 USD -10% $4860CAD/ $3888 USD  **Scroll for more details**
Chilco X3  $5400 CAD/$4320 USD -10% $4860CAD/ $3888 USD  **Scroll for more details**
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Chilco X3 $5400 CAD/$4320 USD -10% $4860CAD/ $3888 USD **Scroll for more details**

$100.00 CAD

$5400 CAD/$4320 USD less 10% = $4860CAD/$3888 USD

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Chilco specs

The ChilcoX3 has a multi-chined, low-rocker hull for high speed and effortless tracking. Well-defined chines allow the kayak to have a relatively small wetted surface and solid stability for edging turns.

 The shallow "V" of the hull makes this lightweight expedition kayak stable while at rest or underway. The acceleration and forward speed is very fast.

 Easy rolling and low wind resistance in adverse conditions are a result of the Chilco's low profile. The ergonomic cockpit design allows easy entry and it's thigh braces accommodate a variety of paddler sizes.

  • Fiberglass
  • 55 lbs
  • 18'5"
  • extra day hatch

Stock in our Chemainus facility

  • Deck: White
  • Hull: White
  • Seam, coaming and hatches: Mint

Has ABS molded seat and SmartTrack toe pilot rudder foot control pedals.

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