Boreal Norsaq -Yellow (New ) $1800 reduced from $2750 **Scroll down for details**
Boreal Norsaq -Yellow (New ) $1800 reduced from $2750 **Scroll down for details**
Boreal Norsaq -Yellow (New ) $1800 reduced from $2750 **Scroll down for details**
  • SKU: K1-121

Boreal Norsaq -Yellow (New ) $1800 reduced from $2750 **Scroll down for details**

$100.00 CAD

Price:  $1800 CAD plus applicable taxes and shipping.

Regular $2750 CAD

Norsaq specs

The Norsaq is the first of its kind: a pure kayak made from our highly durable, sleek and affordable thermoformed ABS material. Inspired by traditional designs and influenced by the possibilities of our thermoforming construction, this kayak was designed to be the perfect boat for a mid to large-sized paddler wanting to learn the techniques of paddling. The Norsaq also works well as a very efficient touring kayak.

  • Thermoform ABS
  • 47.8 lbs
  • Skeg
  • Length: 17 ft long
  • Width: 22"
  • Mid to large size paddler
  • Day and multi touring.

The kayak is in stock at our Chemainus facility.

  • Deck: yellow
  • Hull: white
  • Hatches, coaming : Black


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