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Kayak Model

    Single or Tandem?

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          Length Range:

            Discounted Gear (28)

            Beluga Distance Paddle

            $45.00 CAD$82.00 CAD

            Bilge Sponge

            $5.00 CAD$14.00 CAD

            Expedition Deck Bag - North Water

            $149.40 CAD$166.00 CAD

            Foam Transportation Blocks, Each

            $12.00 CAD$22.00 CAD

            Hatch Cover, Sea-lect Design

            $49.50 CAD$55.00 CAD

            Hoodies, Pullover, Each

            $32.00 CAD$59.00 CAD

            Hoodies, Zippered

            $34.00 CAD$67.00 CAD

            Jacket, Softshelled, Seaward Kayaks Logo, Final Clearance Sale, 50% off

            $75.00 CAD$149.99 CAD

            Kayak Paddle, Stingray Carbon, AquaBound

            $256.50 CAD$284.95 CAD

            Kayak Paddle, Stingray Fiberglass AquaBound

            $152.95 CAD$169.95 CAD

            Kayak Paddle, Tango Fiberglass, AquaBound

            $378.00 CAD$419.95 CAD

            Micro Throw Line - North Water

            $37.80 CAD$42.00 CAD

            Paddle "Splash" for Kids - Bending Branches

            $48.00 CAD$85.00 CAD

            Paddle Float - North Water

            $81.00 CAD$90.00 CAD

            Paddle Leash, Beluga

            $10.00 CAD$20.00 CAD

            Passat G3 Center Cockpit Sprayskirt, Nylon

            $71.10 CAD$79.00 CAD

            PFD, Salus Jazz

            $160.00 CAD$240.00 CAD

            PFD, Salus Tango

            $76.00 CAD$120.00 CAD

            Quick Loop Hood Anchor Set, Riot

            $8.00 CAD$22.00 CAD

            Sprayskirt, Half, Nylon

            $49.50 CAD$55.00 CAD

            Sprayskirt, Neoprene

            $158.40 CAD$176.00 CAD

            Sprayskirt, Nylon, with Implosion Bar

            $94.50 CAD$105.00 CAD

            T-Shirt, Ladies Crew Neck, Final Clearance Sale - 62% off

            $9.99 CAD$26.00 CAD

            T-Shirt, Ladies Performance V-Neck - Final Clearance Sale - 66% off

            $9.99 CAD$29.00 CAD

            T-Shirt, Men's Performance - Final Clearance Sale - 66% off

            $9.99 CAD$29.00 CAD

            T-Shirt, Original, Seaward

            $13.00 CAD$26.00 CAD

            Throw Line, Beluga

            $38.00 CAD$70.00 CAD
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