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Rudder Stainless Steel Cable Kit
If you have this style of pedal, you will require the 3/32
  • SKU: A8-209

Rudder Stainless Steel Cable Kit

$37.00 CAD

This kit is designed for the kayaker to replace the rudder cables on their Seaward Kayak. The cables are 1/16" and 3/32" stainless steel. Each kit contains two lengths of cable, thimbles, swages, nuts and bolts, and heat shrink tape.

Which size do you need? 

The 1/16th" cable kit is specially put together to work with the Smart Track Pedals

The 3/32" cable kit works with all other pedals that Seaward has installed in their kayaks.


* If you are unsure of which weight of cable you require, email us a picture of your pedals and we will help you to decide which will be best.