Rudder Stainless Steel Cable Kit
If you have this style of pedal, you will require the 3/32
  • SKU: A8-209

Rudder Stainless Steel Cable Kit

$32.00 CAD

This kit is designed for the kayaker to replace the rudder cables on their Seaward Kayak. The cables are 1/16" and 3/32" stainless steel. Each kit contains two lengths of cable, thimbles, swages, nuts and bolts, and heat shrink tape.

Which size do you need? If you have the standard outfitter style pedals (sliding pedals), you will require the 3/32" Cable Kit. Alternatively, you will likely* require the 1/16". 

* If you are unsure of which weight of cable you require, email us a picture of your pedals and we will help you to decide which will be best.