Hatch Covers, Valley Canoe Products
Hatch Covers, Valley Canoe Products
Hatch Covers, Valley Canoe Products
Hatch Covers, Valley Canoe Products
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Hatch Covers, Valley Canoe Products

$80.00 CAD
Valley Canoe Products Oval or Round Hatch Cover
  • In the 1980's Valley became the first company to develop a watertight hatch system especially for kayaks.
  • Although other companies offer similar products, their original system remains the benchmark by which these other systems are judged.
  • Strong yet supple rubber creates a reliable seal with easy access.

Oval: Valley Canoe Products oval hatch cover fits our Nigel Foster sea kayaks. Fits a 17.5” x 10” rim. Outside diameter is 18 5/8” x 11 1/8”, or 18.5” x 11.

Round Valley Canoe Products round hatch cover is about 7.5" diameter, the outside diameter of the rim the lid fits over is about 8", the outside diameter of the rubber hatch lid itself is about 9".

Note: Rubber hatch covers deteriorate from exposure to the sun. Where you live and storage method (i.e. indoors or outside, covered or exposed) will determine hatch cover life span. Expect to replace every three to ten years.   

Tip: Coat the outside of your rubber hatch covers at least once a year with 303 Protectant to extend their life. 303 blocks the sun's UV rays. Lubricate the hatch cover's seal and lip with a thin smear of 303 for easier handling. Lubricating the hatch when it feels hard to close helps protect your kayak from cracking around the hatch rim from excess pressure while closing hatch lid. Be careful not to over-lubricate or your hatch cover may come off too easily.