Kayak Model

    Single or Tandem?

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          Length Range:

            Deck Fittings and Riggings (16)

            Deck Rigging Kit

            $116.00 CAD

            Shock Cord (Bungee)

            $27.50 CAD

            Rescue Straps

            $51.00 CAD

            Hatch Tether

            $6.00 CAD

            Grab Handle, each

            $7.00 CAD

            Reflective Rope, 15ft

            $16.50 CAD

            Pull Tabs, each

            $4.00 CAD

            Hatch Retention Button Kit (2 pack)

            $10.00 CAD

            Rope, Double Braided High Tenacity, 20ft

            $20.00 CAD

            Grab Handle, ThermoPress

            $11.00 CAD

            Bow Line Kit

            $25.00 CAD

            Rope, Black, 5mm, 20ft

            $20.00 CAD

            Eye Straps, Pair

            $12.00 CAD

            Hatch Retention Kit

            $22.50 CAD

            U Bolt

            $45.00 CAD
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