Deck Fittings and Riggings (14)

Shock Cord (Bungee), 20ft

$10.00 CAD

Rope, Double Braided High Tenacity, 20ft

$8.00 CAD

Reflective Rope, Niteline, 20ft

$14.00 CAD

Deck Rigging Kit (Complete)

$100.00 CAD

Rope, Black, 5mm, 20ft

$15.00 CAD

Pull Tabs

$3.00 CAD

Grab Handle, ThermoPress

$8.75 CAD

Hatch Retention Button Kit (2 pack)

$9.00 CAD

U Bolt

$35.00 CAD

Grab Handle (ea)

$6.00 CAD

Hatch Tether

$9.98 CAD

Bow Line Kit

$18.00 CAD

Hatch Retention Kit

$21.00 CAD